Each November, the EMA holds its annual science fair mentorship program in conjunction with the Science & Engineering Fair of Metro-Detroit at the main branch of the Detroit Public Library. “Science Fair Success: Your Best Project” focused on what it takes to construct a proper science fair project, whilst providing students the opportunity to interact with industry professionals to discuss their project ideas and essentially “pick their brains” for inspiration.

Each year, we have had over 100 students and parents participate in this wonderful, engaging event. In overhearing conversations, students inquired on topics ranging from Ford’s use of soybean-based foam in their vehicles, to creating a mechanism that operates like X-Men Wolverine’s claws. The excitement in their voices as they discussed their thoughts with our mentor volunteers is what makes this event worthwhile, watching the wheels turn and their interest in science grow.

What truly makes this event so special is all of our mentor volunteers. Every volunteer brought a unique perspective to the table, coming from a range of backgrounds within the environmental science field. Representatives from Konrad Technologies, VMX International, US Ecology, and Marine Pollution Control, as well as students from  Wayne State University amongst other members of the scientific community were able to chat with students about ideas and methods of creating their projects. Students were able to speak freely and thoughtfully with everyone, engaging in a manner that highlighted their excitement within the world of science, and helping us further our goal of getting students interested in the field.
Every student received a “swag bag” filled with items to help set them up for success in constructing their project boards such as glue sticks and writing instruments, as well as a 2019 Science Fair Success resource folder of information. Thanks to our sponsors and volunteers for making this event as wildly successful as the last!!