About the EMA

The purpose of EMA is to establish and maintain an active information exchange between government and industry professionals involved with environmental management to arrive at solutions to environmental issues within a framework of ethics appropriate to the environmental field. The EMA believes in and supports the application of integrity, commonsense, sound sciences and fiscal responsibility in all matters affecting the environment.

Who We Are

The Environmental Management Association is a 501(c) 6 organization representing professionals in every aspect of ecological responsibility including those working in: Manufacturing, Analyzing soil, Water and Air, Transportation, Storing of Waste and Hazardous Materials, Management of Contaminated Sites, Recyclers, Communities, and Governmental Agencies

The EMA proves that green is good for business as well as for the communities where we operate.

What We Do

The EMA promotes those in industry  that are doing good work and recognizes significant accomplishments.

EMA Bylaws


The EMA believes in and supports the application of the following four standards in all matters affecting the environment:

 Integrity / Common Sense / Sound Science / Fiscal Responsibility